Q. Are bulldogs good with children?

A. --Yes! Bulldogs are not skittish around children, and are usually extremely patient with them. Due to a bulldogs large bulk, they are not as easily harmed by an inquisitive toddler, unlike smaller and thinner dogs. A bulldog's laid back personality also helps them to be pretty tolerant as well. We have found the English bulldog to be a perfect family pet for our home.

Q. Do bulldogs shed?

A. Bulldogs have a medium hair coat. It should be smooth and lay flat. Bulldogs are not heavy shedders, but they do shed. Shedding is easily controlled by using a de-shedding tool such as a furminator.

Q. Do Bulldogs Need Vitamins?

A. --Bulldogs, like any living thing, will benefit from having vitamin and mineral supplements, especially since with dogs you typically don't change their food frequently. When any living thing intakes the same food on a consistent basis, deficiencies will develop, so a good multi-vitamin helps fill in the gaps in your bulldogs diet and health, just like a vitamin helps you and your children to get all you need. We recommend Nuvet Labs multivitamin.

Q. Can bulldogs die in the heat?

A. --Yes! Bulldogs can NOT tolerate heat, and MUST be kept indoors. Due to their short noses, they are not able to pant enough to cool their great bulk. This causes overheating, and can kill a bulldog left outside on a sunny day, even in temperatures as low as 70 degrees. If you are considering becoming the owner of a bulldog, please note they will need to be inside dogs. An outdoor kennel or shaded run is not sufficient for a bulldog.

Q. Are bulldogs great for colder climates?

A. --No, Bulldogs can NOT tolerate extreme cold, and must be kept indoors. Again, this is due to their short noses...Their nasal passage is not long enough to warm cold air up as they breathe in, so bulldogs get very cold very quickly from breathing all the cold air. Another reason why bulldogs must be indoor pets.

Q. Can Bulldogs go swimming?

A. --Many bulldogs enjoy splashing in water, however Bulldogs can NOT swim, especially as they grow and their shoulders and head become very large. They are too top heavy and tend to sink rapidly. Their short noses and limited breathing also cause them to become exhausted easily. All too frequently a bulldog drowns from exhaustion and over exertion trying to keep their massive head above the water. If you are considering becoming a bulldog owner and have a water feature in your yard, you will need to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your dog.

Q. Are Bulldogs supposed to be overweight?

A. --Although bulldogs should be robust in their build, they should not be obese. Most bulldogs really love food and could easily eat you out of house and home. However, bulldogs are not a particularly active breed to counteract the large calorie intake. A responsible bulldog owner will need to monitor their bulldog's food and exercise to ensure they stay at a healthy weight.

Q. Will I need to wash my bulldog frequently?

A. --Due to the heavy wrinkles that characterize the English Bulldog, some bulldogs will require skin fold care. This could be as simple as a brief periodic wiping of the creases in the face, or a more complex routine that may require washing and applying of powders to absorb moisture in the creases. The amount of care each bulldog may need will vary by each dog. As for regular bathing, my dogs usually get a bath every 2 to 4 weeks. Some of them love it, some of them not so much! They are all good for me in the bath tub though :)

Q. How common is the condition 'Cherry Eye'?

A. --Cherry eye is fairly common to bulldogs as well as other snub nosed dog breeds. If a dog has a 'cherry eye' it is actually the dog's inner eyelid protruding from the lower eye lid. Normally, this inner eyelid is held in place by a connective tissue. Since bulldogs have such short noses, the connective tissue that would normally hold the inner eyelid in place is longer and allows the inner eyelid to slip out, especially if the dog is rough housing and shaking it's head. Cherry eye, although it looks a little shocking, is not life threatening in any way and does not harm the dog's eye either. It is easily correctable, and frequently dog owners can successfully 'roll' the inner eyelid back into place.

Q. Are bulldogs chewers?

A. --All puppies chew, it helps their teeth come in. Bulldogs do enjoy a good bone, however they typically outgrow the annoying chew on everything phases some other dog breeds exhibit. Bulldogs can not have rawhides, it makes them choke because they try to eat them whole as soon as the rawhide softens up. You can give your bulldogs nylabone or kong chew toys, they love them!

Q. Why Do Bulldogs cost so much?

A. --There are many elements to breeding dogs, from the cost of purchasing the dogs, to veterinarian fees for c-sections and artificial inseminations, to stud fees and overnight shipping of semen, quality dog food and general cost of upkeep, and on and on... People who breed dogs are not rolling in the bucks, although there is some profit to be made, it is not without a lot of hard work and caregiving. On average, if I were to 'pay' myself an hourly wage for the 8 weeks we have new puppies in our home, the pay rate would be $5.50 an hour for a job that demands 24 hours a day on call performance (assuming all goes perfectly). Bulldogs cost a lot to buy because they cost a lot and demand a lot to breed. An honest dog breeder is not in business because it is an easy job, but because they love the breed and the joy it brings the families that adopt the puppies.

Q. Are bulldogs gassy?

A. --Just like your diet, it depends on the type of food your dog is eating. Always choose a dog food that has a meat as the first ingredient, and avoid dog foods with corn as one of the first 3 main ingredients, or better yet, avoid corn completely. Always read your dog food's list of ingredients, even if it is one you buy all the time, as manufacturers change their recipes from time to time. Just because it is sold for a high price in a fancy store, does not mean it is the best food for your bulldog to eat.